Anna Miller-Klejsa

Anna Miller-Klejsa – graduate of Film Studies and Italian Studies. She holds a PhD degree in Humanities. She is Assistant Professor in the Institute of Italian Studies, University of Lodz. She has co-edited collected volumes on film adaptations of Italian literature (Vol. 1: Od Boccaccia do Tabucchiego [From Boccaccio to Tabucchi], 2012; Vol. 2: Od Manzoniego do Maraini [From Manzoni to Maraini], 2012) and on Polish-Italian film relations (Polsko-włoskie kontakty filmowe: topika, koprodukcje, recepcja [Polish-Italian Film Contacts: Themes, Co-Productions and Reception], 2014). She has published in Kwartalnik Filmowy [Film Quarterly], Studia Filmoznawcze [Film Studies Journal] and collected volumes. Her main interests include post-war history of Italian cinema and Polish-Italian film relations. She has authored Resistenza we włoskim filmie fabularnym [Resistenza in Italian Feature Film] (2013) and Dekada ołowiu na ekranie. Polityczny terroryzm lat 70. we włoskim filmie fabularnym [The Decade of Lead on the Screen: Political Terrorism of the 1970s in Italian Feature Film] (2016), supported by the NCN grant. She headed the NPRH project Italian Studies for Film Studies and Film Studies for Italian Studies (2012-2014).