Dobrosława Świerczyńska

Dobrosława Świerczyńska,

Polish studies scholar, historian of literature, folklorist and editor. A student of Professor Julian Krzyżanowski at the University of Warsaw, after graduation she did research on folklore and Early Modern Polish literature. She worked first for the Polish Ethnological Society and, later, for the Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy [State Publishing Institute]. As a member of the team headed by Prof. J. Krzyżanowski, she co-edited five-volume Nowa księga przysłów polskich [A New Companion of Polish Proverbs] (Warsaw, 1969-1978). She edited also several popular collections of Polish proverbs, such as Przysłowia są na ...wszystko [Proverbs are good for...everything] ( Warsaw: PWN, 2001; 2nd edition, 2009), Przysłowia w sześciu językach [Proverbs in six languages] and Przysłowia w ośmiu językach [Proverbs in eight languages] (Warsaw: PWN, 1995, 1998). Since 1968, she has been affiliated with the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where she produced a dissertation titled Polski pseudonim literacki [Polish literary pseudonyms] (Warsaw: PWN, 1983; 2nd revised and updated edition, 1998) and obtained her PhD degree. She collaborated on the compilation and edition of four-volume Słownik pseudonimów pisarzy polskich XV w. - 1970 [A Dictionary of Pseudonyms of Polish Writers from the 15th century to 1970] (Wrocław: Ossolineum, 1994-1996). In 1987 she became Deputy Editor to Editor-in-Chief Professor Edmund Jankowski. After his death in 1991, she was in charge of the team that compiled and edited two other volumes: Kto był kim w drugim obiegu? Słownik pseudonimów pisarzy i dziennikarzy 1976-1989 [Who was who in the samizdat circuit? A Dictionary of pseudonyms of writers and journalists, 1976-1989] (Warsaw IBL PAN, 1995) and Słownik pseudonimów pisarzy polskich t. V  1971-1995 [A Dictionary of Pseudonyms of Polish Writers, Vol. 5, 1971-1995]  (Wrocław: Ossolineum, 1998). Recently, she has headed the team preparing Henryk Sienkiewicz, volume 17***  in the series Bibliografia Literatury Polskiej Nowy Korbut [A New Korbut Bibliography of Polish Literature] (Warsaw: IBL PAN, 2016).

She has authored several journal articles and book chapters on history of literature, folklore and pseudonym studies.