Magdalena Wrana

Magdalena Wrana – Italian studies scholar, translator and interpreter. Since 2008, she has lectured at the Department of Italian Studies in the Institute of Romance Studies, Jagiellonian University. She has authored many papers exploring Latin translations of modern works. Her book on Nuncio Angelo Maria Durini’s stay in Enlightenment Poland (Angelo Maria Durini – A Poet and Politician in Purple: An Outline of Literary, Cultural and Political Activity of the Nuncio in Poland (1767-1772), Cracow: Collegium Columbinum, 2013) won the Sbranti Prize for the best PhD dissertation in the field of cultural Polish-Italian relationships, awarded by the University of Pisa. She is a member of the International Association of Professors of the Italian Language, the Polish Society for Eighteenth Century Studies and the Association of Polish Italian Studies Scholars.